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springpre.png 1: Describing a Character

1. Paste in or write one paragraph in which you introduce a character.
2. Make nice or constructive comments on some of the other student's writing.

- Remember when introducing a character, mention some of his/her/it’s physical characteristics, not too many, just two or three.You might mention something else later.
- Describe any mannerism or behaviour the person does that is typical of that person.
- Show the characters personality or character by describing a brief incident.

The web site where you can finish your web lessons is
http://www.interactive-learning.com.au or if this does not work, then:

external image b8170163.jpg 2: Creating an interesting setting.

It is dull and not interesting, if you have a character but don't describe the setting.
Your reader needs to be able to see in their mind, the place where the action takes place.
Otherwise it doesn't seem real, and it will be dull and uninteresting.

In one paragraph, create an interesting setting. Just describe the setting, don't introduce a character.

Remember to use words that don't only describe what your reader can see. Also describe things that appeal to the other senses, besides the objects or background you can see.
Describe, the light or time of day. Is it in the fading light of dusk, or the creeping light of dawn, or even in the dead of night, with no stars or moon in sight!

Also mention any sounds you can hear in the background. For example:
"The sad and lonely moan of a fog horn, could be heard off in the distance."
What do you think could cause a screech, or cackle, or groan, or rustle, or crackling, or gurgling, or rumbling, or wining, or scraping, or tapping, or clanking, or whistling?

What about the sense of touch? Is it hot or humid or cold? Is it damp, or draughty, or airy and bright? Is their a smell? What is the air like.
Try and create an atmosphere.
And make your writing rich with similes, and metaphors, and give life to your surroundings with personification.

For example: "...The fire leapt through the forest like a raging lion, devouring everything in its path. The night sky was a pulsating orange glow, and the branches snapped and crackled in the blaze. The fire left black and twisted stumps, half seen through the acrid smoke that curled from the smouldering ash..."

The pictures below might give you some ideas.
Also scroll down the word lists on the site shown under the pictures. Select, copy and paste any word/s you can use, to make your paragraph interesting to read, and fun to write.

external image Dungeon%202%20Thomas.jpg external image A%20delightful%20summer%20trail.jpg external image An%20old%20alley%20in%20Zermatt.jpg

Where will your setting be?

In a forest or by a river,
Or in a giant tree?
In a dungeon, or a desert
Or in an old Indian Teepee?

Go to this web page below and scan through the lists of great words you could use: http://www.angelfire.com/hi5/interactive_learning/Writing_exercises/words_setting.htm
As you scroll down, notice that the words are grouped to suite different setting?

3: Writing good dialogue

external image z11203039.jpg